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Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Munnar Entry Fee

  • 10 per person for Indian Adults
  • 5 per person for Indian Children
  • 100 per person for Foreign Tourists
  • 25 for Still Camera
  • 150 for Video Camera
  • 150 per day for heavy vehicle
  • 50 per day for light vehicle

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Munnar Phone

04865 231 587

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Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Munnar Address: Munnar - Udumalpet Road, Munnar, Kerala, 685612, India

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Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Munnar Timings

Day Timing
Monday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wedesday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Experience nature in its full swing at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. A place where you get to see an abundance of flora and fauna along with mind-blowing peaks, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a laid-back atmosphere to tourists of all ages and presents a perfect weekend getaway to explore the popular wildlife habitat of India.

Spread over an area of 90.44 km square in the Western Ghats, the wildlife reserve boasts a most promising location along with pristine beauty and is highly enriched in vegetation and other resources.

Here you can enjoy a stroll with your loved ones, admire the lush greenery, overlook the beautiful sunrise/sunset, or simply choose to capture the photographs of wild animals with a stunning background at the backdrop. It is an idyllic destination for wildlife lovers and a great spot for families looking to spend some quality time with their children.

Fauna At Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar

Featuring a rich diversity of wildlife with 144 species of animals, the prime attraction of the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary that catches the attention of people from everywhere is the Grizzled Giant Squirrel, which is hard to find anywhere else other than this place. Another special inhabitant that can be discovered in the forests is a Gaur, also referred to as Manjampatti White Bison.

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary also provides a home to Panthers, Indian Elephants, Common Langur, Hanuman Monkey, Bonnet Macaque, and Garra Mullya Minnows. You can also spot Little Cormorants, Rusty-Spotted Cat, Sambar, Nilgiri Tahr, Bonnet Macaques, Kraits, Spectacled Cobras, Darters, Leopards, Tiger, Star Tortoise, Crocodile, Tufted Grey Langur, Wild Elephant, Slender Loris, and Spotted Deer in the sanctuary.

A paradise for bird lovers, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous for preserving a diverse range of birds. These include Black Eagle, Yellow-throated Bulbuls, Grey Heron, Serpent Eagle, Little Egret, and many others. Other than that, the sanctuary also houses 156 species of butterflies, 42 species of fishes, and several other reptiles along with some notable insects.

Flora at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary has mainly Dry Deciduous Forests, Wet Grasslands, High Sholas, Dry Thorny Scrub Forests, and Riparian Forests. Out of 1000 species of flowering plants, the rarely found species include Elaeocarpus Recurvatus, Arabica, Acacia Leucophloea, Santalum Album, Neelakurinji, and many more.

One can also see an extensive Sandalwood Forest while roaming around in the sanctuary. In addition, the sanctuary also features a variety of medicinal plants that are used in the making of allopathy and ayurvedic tablets.

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Things to do at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar

Also known as one of the top-most tourist attractions to visit in Munnar, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a place that you shouldn’t miss whether you’re on your Munnar tour for a short or long duration. Catering to all ages, it offers several things to keep you engaged all the time. A few of them include:

1. Trekking: Try your hand at trekking to bring out the best of adventure in you and enjoy the best viewpoints of the sanctuary. The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary invites trekkers to witness the fantastic view of the landscapes and indulge in several activities like wildlife watching, bird watching, and butterfly watching.

Here you will be given several trekking options to choose from. Depending upon your physical fitness and strength, you can start your trekking journey through the preserved forests and have a fun-filled time. The Department of Forests and Wildlife organizes these treks in two slots, i.e., one in the morning and the second in the evening, so you can choose to enjoy trekking at the time that suits you the most.

2. Wildlife Safari: Visiting the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary for experiencing the wildlife safari is another best thing to do here. It comes with lots of surprises and will not fail to delight anyone, whether you’re an adventure lover, nature admirer, or wanderer.

Perfect for solo travelers, families, or a group of friends, the Jeep Safari allows you to enjoy the wilderness of the place in the best possible way. It gives you the true feel of the forest area as you explore its surroundings in an open jeep and spot the animals roaming around.

You can also take your vehicle inside for a Jeep safari; all you need to do is to register it first with the forest department. If interested and have time, opt for the night safari for a fantastic experience. The jeep safari takes 2 hours to complete the cycle and charges approximately INR 2000.

3. Stay at Treehouses: To add some more excitement to your trip to Munnar, you can enjoy a unique and quiet stay at the treehouses of this sanctuary and experience something new in your life. It’s one of the kinds of facilities offered for all those who want to stay amidst the greenery with numerous sounds of birds and animals surrounding your accommodation.

Although the treehouses at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary don’t come with all the extravagant luxuries you get in a 5-star hotel, they’re fully furnished and are also equipped with continuous supply of water and light. You’ll also get a complimentary breakfast and dinner during your stay here. What else do you need? It’s an experience that is worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Attractions in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar

With so much to see and do at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, one can never feel bored here at any time. The prime attraction of this reserve includes the Thoovanam Waterfall that attracts people from every corner of the world. You can take a walk to the Watchtower to soak in the jaw-dropping views of the sanctuary. Other peaks that are worth-watching are Viriyoottu Malai, Nanadala Malai, Kumarikkal Mala Peak, Vellaikal Malai, and Kottakombu Malai.

Entry Fee and Timings of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar

The entry fee to visit Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is INR 10 per person for adults and INR 5 per person for children below 12 years of age. If you are a foreigner, you’ll need to pay INR 100 as its entrance fee. It welcomes its tourists from 6:00 AM in the morning to 6:00 PM in the evening and is open on all days of the week. The recommended exploration time is 3-4 hours.

Travel Tip for Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar

  • Refrain from throwing the waste materials inside the park.
  • Do not forget to bring a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight.
  • Choose to wear thick clothes and waterproof shoes in case you want to experience trekking in the sanctuary.
  • Always carry enough water bottles and mosquito repellents whenever you plan to head to this sanctuary.
  • It’s not allowed to do camping or lit bonfires inside the place.
  • Do not try to feed, hurt, or tease the animals/birds in the forest. It is strictly prohibited. If you do so, you’ll be responsible for whatever happens afterward. Also, avoid plucking the plants.

Best Time to Visit Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar

Although Munnar is an all-season destination, if you want to have a fun-filled time at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, it would be advisable to visit it between the months of December and February.

During this time, the weather is really pleasant, with temperature ranging between 10-degree Celsius and 28-degree Celsius, thus making it easy for tourists to explore the surroundings of this place. Also, this is the time when it receives huge crowds from all over the world, so the prices of resorts are a bit high. Hence, it’s better to plan your Munnar tour in advance!

How to Reach Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar?

Since Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary maintains good road connectivity to Munnar and other regions of Kerala state, it can be easily accessed by people via local transport. However, to reach your destination, you first need to arrive in Kerala, which can be done in 3 ways:

By Air: Take a direct flight to Cochin International Airport to get to your destination in a hassle-free manner. The airport receives flights from almost all the major airports of India. So, whether you’re coming from New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, etc., you don’t have to worry about anything! From outside the airport, hire a cab that takes you directly to the sanctuary.

By Train: Another way that makes travelling convenient and easy for you is via railways. You can catch a train to Ernakulam Junction Railway Station, which is considered the biggest railway station of Kochi and is approximately 173 km away. Although it is time-consuming, it is equally enjoyable too.

By Bus: Last but not the least, the Kerala State Run Transport Corporation runs various public buses from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. So, if you are coming from these two states, you can leverage this option and experience a road journey. And for all those who are coming from Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, or Trivandrum, the government offers the facility of air-conditioned deluxe Volvo buses. The booking of these buses is done in advance, so be careful about that!

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